Our Range Balls

+91 Range Ball v/s Flash Performance Range Ball
Practice as you Play, and play as you Practice...
Several elite and professional golfers practise using 'tournament' golf balls. Yes Sir, they do!!!
They seek the same feedback, be it with their driving, or iron & wedge play. Well, try to get as close as possible to creating the same environment and conditions. 
We at +91 absolutely get that. 
 We further understand that several driving ranges and golf academies are simple platforms to introduce more people to the game, and the practice arena is the temple where golfers work hard to build their game and hone their skills, regardless of the level of golf they play. 
 We have had your support over the past couple of years as we brought to you our 'Made in India' +91 range ball - a solid performer priced aggressively to ensure the cost of the golf ball was not a constraint to giving golfers a great experience. 
 We now go one step further, and present our 'Flash Performance Range Ball', nothing short of a tournament ball. A ball we have tested against all international range balls available in India, every one of them, and we achieved our goal - not to match them, but go one better. 
If you are a premier golf academy, or a facility where elite and serious golfers practice, this ball is for you. There isn't a better 2-piece range ball available in India. We believe it, you will too.
It's taken us 6 months, putting together multiple permutations and combinations - testing the aerodynamics, cover material, core sizes, compression and colour options to get this far. 
Available in WHITE, and also in YELLOW for golf courses that have limited space and have shared fairways that double up as the driving range as well. And yes, happy to add your custom logo too :-) 
Shivas Nath
+91 Golf Ball Tester & Believer